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Dr. Cotey's Nationwide Speaking Tour

"A True American Success Story!"

From Chronic Childhood Migraine Sufferer to Air Force Officer & Doctor Speaking to Millions.

One of America's Most Requested, In-Demand, Wellness Keynote Speakers

Dr. Cotey Jordan

When you bring Dr. Cotey to speak at your organization: 

Your crowds gets moved to tears by his inspiring testimony

Your crowd gets inspired to want to be better and grow

Your crowd gets hope to never give up on life or themselves

Your crowd leaves empowered to take action and get to the next level

"World Class Speaker - Will Move Your Audience"

Dr. Cotey has a very unique personal story of triumph and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the health and wellness industry.  Way ahead of the curve, he began harnessing his powerful message and sharing it to change the lives of families and professionals around the country.  His success comes from real world experience and sharing his specific techniques for living a healthy lifestyle while inspiring audiences to serve their life purpose and empowering them to experience and live a high quality of life.




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Let's face the facts...

People experience more stress now than ever before. Bestselling author Dr. Cotey has impacted countless lives by exploring the very nature of our health crisis. Beyond Symptoms guides us on a journey toward a life of quality and purpose and allows us to discover how to take personal responsibility of our greatest asset - our health.

This book will inspire you and your tribe to take your health into your own hands, empower you with the wisdom to change your lifestyle, and ultimately lead you to the healthy, amazing life you’ve always dreamed possible.

Dr. Cotey Jordan
Dr. Cotey Jordan
Dr. Cotey Jordan
Doctor Cotey Jordan

"Top Selling Author of Two Books"

Dr. Cotey's speaking skills are top tier but his unique ability to connect and strategically partner with celebrity status entrepreneurs and share his stories pushes his talks over the edge.

Dr. Cotey Jordan

"My friend Dr. Cotey is a stand up guy and a world changer!"

James Malinchak

ABC's Secret Millionaire

& Top Selling Author

Dr. Cotey Jordan
Dr. Cotey Jordan

“Top Achievers Think and Act Differently Than Others. Dr. Cotey Will Give You Simple and Easy Ways to Change Your Thinking, and Ultimately Your Life!”


Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, “Shark Tank”

Dr. Cotey's power comes from walking through the fire, not from sharing some quotes he read in a self help book.

It's no secret that mental health and suicide are pressing topics right now and that students, veterans, and professionals around the world are struggling with it every day. When Dr. Cotey shares his story about the “routine” suicide attempts and the devastating successful ones by his close niched professional and military families, it will hit home with a lot of your people.


Dr. Cotey is the founder of The Growth Cycle - a resource that has allowed loved ones of these individuals to overcome this type of tragedy. You and your folks are going to find hope for a better tomorrow and are going to see that if others can stay strong, so can they.

Dr. Cotey Jordan

In addition to helping others cope, The Growth Cycle provides a long overdue, PROACTIVE, strategy that has been needed for years. Put behind the traditional REACTIVE model of thinking and give your organization what they really want, but don’t know exist! Help them focus on bettering themselves in all areas of life with a positive and joyful approach towards life and watch the mindset and productivity of your organization climb to an entirely new level!


Real People. Real Results.


The Ideal Professional Coach for Your Organization!

Any organization that wants to develop their people to become "extraordinary" needs to hire Dr. Cotey for their Corporate Wellness Program and take advantage of his group coaching and private coaching!

Inspired to be Healthy
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